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Dual Key Lock

Geared Up Pup

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Dual Key Lock

What do two SIRs or two Alphas need to put on anything that needs locking? Something for an amazing play scene? How about this dual key padlock. The lock requires two different keys to open, so there can be two keyholders.  Comes with two sets of three keys, labeled “1” and “2”.  The locks are also labeled “1” and “2”.  Both keys have to be put in the lock and turned to open it.  New. Massive. Heavy. Vintage and of Russian origin.

Lock body measures 2-1/4” tall by 3-1/2” wide, and 1-1/4” thick. Including the shackle the lock is an impressive 4-1/2” tall.  Weighs 1lb 4oz.    

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