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Demisexual Pride Flag

Geared Up Pup

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Demisexual Pride Flag

Good for indoor or outdoor use. Measures 3 feet by 5 feet. 100% Polyester.

Not just picky about who they choose to have sex with; demisexuals do not have a sexual attraction to anyone, no choice about it, until they form an emotional bond. This is why they so often align with asexuality (feeling no sexual attraction at all). The demisexual pride flag was designed using the asexual flags colors, but arranging them to distinguish themselves.

The colors in the flags represent different aspects of the communities, three overlapping and one displaying an important distinction. Both flags have black as a symbol for asexuality and purple for community. The gray represents demisexuality on both flags as well. The meaning of the white differs, as it represents sexualty on the demi flag and non-asexual partners and allies on the asexual flag.

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